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X-Men #4, March 1964

October 23, 2006

X-Men #4

X-Men #4, March 1964

Title: The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants!
Writer: Stan Lee
Penciler: Jack Kirby
Inker:Paul Reinman
Letterer:Art Simek
Colorist: Unknown
Editor: Unknown
Cover Artist:Jack Kirby & George Roussos
1st Appearances: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Scarlet Witch (Wanda), Quicksilver(Pietro), Mastermind & Toad
Villains: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
Guest Stars: None

Synopsis:The Beast is being put through his most difficult training yet.  He manages to survive the Danger Room for 62 seconds before failing.  Iceman is the second to be tested, creating an ice slide to travel around the Danger Room, before a device shatters his slide, sending him down towards a red hot cauldron. Iceman evades this obstacle by creating a pole out of ice to vault over the cauldron and land safely on thge ground, only to have the Beast hurl a 75 lb. weight at him.  Iceman, reacting quickly, creates an ice chute to redirect the weight back at the Beast, when a jet of hot steam melts his protective ice covering, and ends his test. 

Professor X instructs Marvel girl to open a box, using her Telekinetic powers, and remove the contents, a birthday cake. The Professor explains that it has been a year since he bagan teaching this class. 

Meanwhile, a group of mutants, sitting elsewhere bicker over a dinner table.  These mutants are Pietro; Quicksilver, his sister Wanda; the Scarlet Witch, Mastermind and Toad.  Mastermind uses his illusion powers to make Toad appear like a pig.  Scarlet Witch uses her hex powers to cause a decanter to spill on Mastermind, then Quicksilver uses his super speed to rush by her side, before Mastermind can get his revenge.  The whole group speaks of their leader, who is absent.  They question his whereabouts. 

Meanwhile, two men dressed in suits discuss an auction of a Battleship that is coming up.  Magneto enters the room and informs the men that they no longer need accept any more bids, the battleship is his.  Magneto traps the men inside the room with magnetism, then he commandeers the battleship, single-handedly, by using his powers.  Angel, flying high over head, sees the suspicious looking battleship, but thinking nothing of it flies on to the School.

Magneto arrives, with the battleship, on a small uncharted island in the Atlantic.  Magneto reprimands the group for quarreling. and Scarlet Witch reveals that Magneto had saved her from angry villiagers, in her small European hometown.  She has pledged her life to him. 

Days later, Professor X is reading the newspaper and discovers that a Battleship, similar to the one Angel saw has shelled a small South American nation, called Santo Marco.  He calls a Red Alert for the X-Men to meet him in his study.  When they arrive, Professor X is in a trance, conversing with Magneto on a Mental Plane.  They argue about their differences in Philosophy.  When Professor X awakes he explains the situation to the X-Men.

In Santo Marco, Magneto, with the help of Mastermind’s Illusions has tricked the citizens that a vast army has taken over their nation. The X-Men infiltrate Santo Marco, now totally under Magneto’s Rule.  Professor X devises a plan to infiltrate the Castle that houses the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.  The Beast climbs up the side of the castle, and takes out two guards before being defeated by Toad.  Angel dodges bullets, and knocks out Quicksilver, before Scarlet Witch uses her Hex power to trap him under a pile of debris. 

With Angel Tied up, Cyclops attacks Magneto before he is subdued by Quicksilver.  Cyclops’ Optic Blast continues to radiate, knocking an Electromagnetic device off it’s moorings and sending it crashing through the castle floors.  Cyclops shoots the device as it falls, sending it through the walls, but knocking him out in the process.  The device is now careening towards Iceman, who creates an ice slide to get out of the way, then climbs up the side of the tower using ice spikes.  Once inside the tower Iceman unties Angel and revives Cyclops.   

The recently reuinited X-Men charge towrds the control tower where the Brotherhood awaits. Midevil weapons fly through the air at the X-Men, who easliy dodge them. Next a river of flaming oil rushes down the hall at the team of heroes.  Professor X discovers it’s all an illusion, creted by matermind, and the X-Men resume their charge.

Meanwhile, Magneto explains that he has set up two bombs, one to explode when anyone opens the door to the control room, and a nuclear bob to destroy the whole island.  Quicksilver questions the Nuclear bomb, saying that so many innocents will die, but Magneto brushes him off, explaining that they are merely humans and their deaths mean nothing. 

Beast sets off the bomb on the door, but Cyclops charges through.  Magneto starts the timer on the nuclear bomb, and jumps into an escape hatch.    Quicksilver uses the seconds before the escape pod launches to deactivate the Nuclear Bomb, and jump into the escape pod, and make his getaway with the rest of the Evil Mutants. 

Although the Evil Mutants have escaped, Santo Marco is saved…although it appears that Professor X has lost his telepathic powers. 


Iceman creates an Ice Pole, an Ice Chute, an Ice Slide, Ice Climbing Spikes & an Ice shield.

The Newspaper Professor X reads is the Daily Record-Bulletin 

Iceman is seen enjoying an Ice Cream Sundae before he is called to the Red Alert in Professor X’s Study.

Magneto’s army dresses like Nazis and WWII German soldiers. 

The word Mutant is used 19 times
Homo Sapiens is used 5 times
Homo Superior is used 3 times