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X-Men #3, January 1964

October 23, 2006

X-Men #3

X-Men #3, January 1964

Title: Beware of the Blob!
Writer: Stan Lee
Penciler: Jack Kirby
Inker:Paul Reinman
Letterer:Art Simek
Colorist: Unknown
Editor: Unknown
Cover Art: Jack Kirby & Sol Brodsky
Earth: 616
1st Appearances: Blob
Villian: Blob
Guest Stars: None

Synopsis:Despite the fact that his powers have increased by a great deal, Cyclops is depressed about the danger his optic beams pose to anyone who gets close to him.  Angel, Beast and Iceman fight as Professor X tests Marvel Girl’s abilities.  Professor X cuts the training short when he senses the presence of a new mutant.  The X-Men rush to change into their civilian clothes, so they can find this new mutant.

Despite the fact that Jean chooses to go with Cyclops to search, Angel whisks her away, and drives off with her in his car, leaving Cyclops, Beast and Iceman to search alone.  All of the X-Men are lead astray, by mistaking mundane human tasks as being extra powers.  Cyclops is the first to discover the new mutant, the blob, working as a sideshow attraction in a carnival. 

After the Blob’s performance, Cyclops invites him to join him at the mansion.  Angel and Marvel Girl show up, and also ask the Blob to accompany them to the mansion.  The Blob agrees to go with Jean, and he puts his hands on her.  This enrages Cyclops, who shoots an optic blast at the Blob, knocking him into a lit wood burning stove.  The Blob shows that he is not hurt, and agrees to go to the mansion to see what this is all about.

At the School, Professor X tests the Blob’s abilities and discovers that he is in-fact a Mutant.  The Blob refuses membership in the X-Men, and Professor X informs that the Blob must not escape.  He tells the students to capture the Blob and take him to the Lab to have his memory erased.  The Blob escapes the Mansion and takes over the Carnival where he works.  He begins to raise an army of Sideshow freaks and Circus Animals with the goal of destroying the X-Men. Angel, spying from the sky, reports back to the Professor, who is busy finishing a device that will wipe the memories of large groups of people at once. 

As the Professor continues to work on his device, the Blob’s army of Sideshow Freaks and Circus Animals arrives and begins to assault the Mansion.  Though the X-Men fight valiantly, they are overcome and captured by the Carnival army.  No longer hindered by the X-Men the Army make their way to Professor X’s lab.  The X-Men escape by way of Jean Grey commandeering a dagger from a circus wagon.  She cuts the X-Men free with her Telekinesis, who then in turn delay the Carnival army long enough for the Professor to use his Mind erasing ray to wipe the memory of the X-Men and the Mansion from the Blob and all of his Army’s mind. 

The Blob is back in the Sideshow, and the Professor worries that the Blob will someday remember he is a Mutant.


Cyclops first name is revealed to be Scott.

Cyclops and Professor X both confess their love, in private thought, for Jean Grey. 

Angel calls Iceman a J.D. for Juvenile Delinquent.

Beast calls Angel W.W.

Iceman make an Ice Fist and an Ice Torpedo

The Carnival Army consists of a Giraffe, a Gorilla, an Elephant, Tight Rope Walkers, a Human Pyramid, Human n and men with guns.

The mundane human activities the X-Men mistake for extra powers are:
A man burning a piece of paper with a magnifying glass
a Man standing on a piece of glass, thought to be flying
A carnival worker shooting targets without looking, revealed to be a scam.

The Blob’s Power is revealed to be impervious to pain, and immovability.  Once the Blob stands in a place, his molecules bond with the ground below him, and he cannot be moved.  Despite this fact, at the Carnival, one Optic Blast from Cyclops knocks the Blob into a Wood Burning Stove. 

Iceman is now interested in Girls.

Iceman is seen enjoying an Ice Cream Sundae when the Carnival Army attacks. 

The word Mutant is used 13 times
Homo Sapiens is used 1 time
Homo Superior is used 2 times