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X-Men #2, November 1963

October 22, 2006

X-Men #2

X-Men #2, November 1963

Title: No One Can Stop the Vanisher!
Writer: Stan Lee
Penciler: Jack Kirby
Inker:Paul Reinman
Letterer:Sam Rosen
Colorist:Christie Scheele
Editor: Unknown
Cover Artist:Jack Kirby & Paul Reinman
Earth: 616
1st Appearances:Danger Room, Vanisher
Guest Stars: None

Synopsis:The X-Men, who are in the city, are late for a summons by Professor X, in Westchester.  They have to find a way home

Beast climbs up the side of a building and jumps on the roof of a passing train.  Angel is being waylaid by attractive young female fans.  Marvel Girl picks up all of the women, using her powers, and deposits them on the top of a cinema marquis.  After the women are disposed of, Angel gives Marvel girl a ride home. 

Cyclops and Iceman stop to rescue a group of construction workers from a collapsing wall. After the heroic act is complete, both X-Men hitch a ride in an Ice Cream Truck. 

Once everyone is assembled at the mansion, Professor X uses his mental powers to project movie-like images on a screen. The X-Men watch as a villain named the Vanisher robs a bank, then disappears before Police can take him into custody. 

Iceman starts bragging and shooting machine gun ice pellets around the room. Marvel Girl redirects the ice pellets back at Iceman, who deflects them with an Ice Shield.  Professor X informs his students that brute force will not defeat the Vanisher, and directs them into the Danger Room, where they will undergo some last minute training.  Angel and Beast both pass their tests.

Meanwhile, the Vanisher appears in the Pentagon and informs two Generals that he intends to steal the Continental Defense Plans within a few days, despite the fact that the plans sit on the table in front of him, he vanishes without them.  Criminals from all over the country are flocking to join the Vanisher’s gang, he insults them all for being Homo Sapiens and then accepts them into his service. 

Back at the Danger Room, Cyclops and Marvel Girl are passing their test, while Professor X contacts his FBI friend, Special Agent Fred Duncan, via a special helmet that allows the FBI man to read the Professor’s thoughts.  Professor X brings the training to an end, and informs the X-Men that they will be traveling to Washington D.C. to confront the Vanisher.  The X-men are transported to the Nations capital via a McDonnal XV-1 Convertiplane, on loan from the Bureau of Special Affairs. 

In D.C. the Vanisher easily steals the plans from 4 G-Men guards.  The Vanisher appears on the front steps of the Pentagon, where he is confronted by the X-Men, easily defeats them and escapes with the plans.  The news is all over the X-Men, attacking their poor showing against the Vanisher.  the Professor informs the X-Men that he will accompany them in their next showdown with the Vanisher. 

The Vanisher is demanding 10 millions dollars for thr return of the defense plans, or he will turn them over to the communists.  The X-Men confront him and his army of criminals on the lawn of the White House.  Professor X makes the Vanisher forget who he is and the X-Men easily dispatch his henchmen. Professor X brags on his brain power. 


Marvel Girl’s power is wrongly credited as Teleportation instead of Telekinesis twice, by Angel and herself. 

Iceman makes Machine Gun Ice Pellets, an Ice Shield, an Ice Cage, Ice Fist, Quick Drying Liquid Ice, Ice Grapple Hook and an Ice Horse.

Iceman steals 3 Chocolate Chip Popsicles from the Ice Cream Truck.  

The name of the Movie, on the sign, that Marvel Girl deposits the girls on is A Teen-ager’s Tears.

One of the General’s name is, General Hendershoot.

Angel calls the Professor, Dr. X.

Angel calls Marvel Girl, Jeanie 

The word Mutant is used 7 times
Homo Sapiens is used 3 times
Homo Superior is used 3 times.