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X-Men #1, September 1963

October 21, 2006

X-Men #1
X-Men #1, September 1963  

Title: X-Men
Writer: Stan Lee
Penciler: Jack Kirby
Inker: Paul Reinman
Letterer: S. Rosen
Colorist: Christie Scheele
Editor: Unknown
Cover Art: Jack Kirby & Sol Brodsky
Earth: 616
1st Appearances: X-Men, Professor Charles Xavier (Professor X), Slim Summers (Cyclops), Warren Worthington III (Angel), Hank McCoy (The Beast), Bobby Drake (Iceman), Jean Grey (Marvel Girl) & Magneto
Super Villian: Magneto
Guest Stars: None


A bald man, introduced as Professor Xavier, is sitting alone in the study of a Westchester County Private School. He sends out a telepathic command calling his “X-Men” to join him for class.

The Students are introduced as Cyclops, Angel, Beast and Iceman. Cyclops, Beast and Angel wear yellow and blue uniforms with a large “X” belt buckle. Cyclops wears a visor, Angel has white bird wings while Beast is barefooted and is obviously covered in allot of hair. Iceman appears as a snow-covered humanoid wearing only yellow and blue boots.

Cyclops and Angel busy themselves with Professor Xavier’s comfort, Cyclops adjusting his chair and Angel shifting the blanket which covers his legs. Meanwhile Beast and Iceman rough house in the corner. Iceman freezes Beast’s arm and Angel breaks it up before it turns into a fight. Professor X praises Angel for bringing the class to order.

Professor X informs the class that they are doing well, by learning to receive his telepathic communications. He also claims that if the get any better he will have no need to speak aloud to them at all. Next the professor begins to put the class through their paces.

The Beast, whose training exercises consist of mainly flipping through hoops as quickly as possible and balancing by a finger on a thin rod, passes without incident.

Angel is second, with tests that comprise of flying around or through a variety of traps including flame jets, spanner wheels and crushing blocks. A fourth test, a concussive sound blast meant to knock angel to the ground, is passed when angel, at the last minute manages to regain his flight before he hits the ground.

Professor Xavier informs Iceman that he is too young to undergo training at this time, so he can engage in 5 minutes of free play, doing what he wishes. This bothers Iceman, who doesn’t like to be treated as a kid, so he decides to have a little fun with it. Using a Carrot, some buttons, a broom, a hat and what looks like a Lemon rind, he transforms himself into a snowman. Professor Xavier, with his telepathic abilities, reads Iceman’s mind to discover the prank before it is pulled. Beast receives a telepathic message from the Professor, to hurl a bowling ball, at Iceman, when he turns around in his snowman disguise.

Iceman proves to have quicker reflexes than anticipated, and he forms an ice chute to redirect the bowling ball back at Beast, who handily catches the ball inches away from Professor Xavier’s head. Cyclops reprimands Beast and Iceman for endangering the Professor’s life.

Finally, Professor X gives Cyclops his test through secret telepathic communication.  Cyclops is to treat Beast and Iceman as if they are his enemies and attack them without causing serious injury. Unprovoked, Cyclops singles out Beast, because he’s older, and unleashes an optic blast powerful enough to hurl Beast into a wall, leaving a large dent. Beast objects to the level of power that Cyclops used against him, however, Cyclops defends his choice by claiming that he wanted to show the professor what he was capable of. 

Iceman, anticipating that he might be next, constructs a large Ice Cube shield. Cyclops easily breaks through the ice walls and knocks Iceman down with his optic blast.  Professor sends a telepathic message to Beast and Angel to aid Iceman in trying to subdue Cyclops.  All three students pile on Cyclops, when Professor X puts an end to the training. Professor X informs the class that a taxi is approaching with a young girl inside.

Cyclops, Iceman & Beast rush to the window, claiming to see a beautiful redhead exiting a taxi. Iceman seems uninterested in the arrival of a girl.  All of the boys rush off to change into their civilian clothes.

The girl enters the study and asks what kind of school this is.  Professor X explains that this is a school for Mutants, people with Extra Powers. He goes on to explain that he named his students X-Men because of the Ex-tra Powers.  At this point in the conversation, the X-men enter the room in their civilian clothes; they are introduced to the girl, named Jean Grey, who will be called Marvel Girl. 

Beast questions Marvel Girl about her powers.  She demonstrates by using telekinesis to pull a chair out of Slim’s hands as well as leaf through a book and place it on the shelf.  Professor X thanks Jean for her demonstration.  He then explains that he is probably one of the first mutants, and credits his being born a mutant with the fact that his parents worked on the A-Bomb. 

Hank attempts to kiss Jean on the cheek, so she hurls him towards the ceiling and spins him around with her telekinesis. Jean throws Hank down on a couch when she is done spinning him around the ceiling.  She apologizes to the Professor for being so rough.  The professor brushes the apology off, saying that they have to be tough to defend mankind from the Evil Mutants, which he only assumes will exist at some point.   

Meanwhile, a man dressed in red, and revealed to be Magneto, is planning to make a mockery of NASA by causing one of their un-manned rockets to fail during launch.  Just after the rocket begins its flight, Magneto causes it to safely crash into the ocean.  The Military officials watching on conclude that the only way the rocket could have crashed is because someone tampered with it, despite the tight security. 

The next day the newspaper reveals that that was the sixth rocket which crashed in a similar way.  As some soldiers guard the launch site, their guns begin moving and firing on their own.  A tank begins to move on it’s own as well.  Suddenly, a message made up of dust particles, appears in the air.  It reads: “Surrender the base or I’ll take it by force! Magneto”.

The military question who this “Magneto” is, and debate if this is a prank or not.  The General decides that it is definitely not a prank. 

Magneto causes another rocket to launch and fall into the water, the he walks into the military base, easily pushing soldiers aside, and encasing them in invisible magnetic fences.

Back at the school, Jean Grey is trying on her yellow and blue uniform, claiming that Christian Dior couldn’t have done better.  The boys watch her from around the corner.  As soon as Jean finds out she is being spied on, the professor calls the class to his study. 

Once in the study, the professor informs the X-men that the first Evil Mutant has appeared, and he is attacking Cape Citadel. The professor drives the X-Men to the airport in his specially built Rolls Royce with dark tinted windows.  From the airport, the X-Men board the Professor’s Remote-Controlled Private Jet, bound for Cape Citadel.

At Cape Citadel, the Army isn’t doing so well against the power of Magneto.  Cyclops approaches the General and offers his help. After explaining who and what the X-Men are, they spring into action.  Cyclops begins firing an optic blast against Magneto’s Magnetic Shield. 

Magneto is knocked off balance, which he explains as happening because he wasn’t anticipating anyone with powers to come after him.  He launches 5 of the most technologically advanced rockets at the x-men, using the launch buttons, not his powers. 

Angel dodges the rockets, Iceman freezes them with Ice Grenades, and Beast catches one with his feet. Marvel Girl redirects them into the ocean.  

Angel charges Magneto, who encases him in a magnetic barrier of girders and debris.  Cyclops destroys the barrier as Magneto pushes a burning tanker of Rocket Fuel at the X-Men. Iceman creates an Igloo Shield to in an attempt to save the team.  Magneto witnesses the explosion, assuming it finished off the X-Men for good. 

As Magneto gloats, the X-Men attack him full force, but it is no use.  Magneto escapes.  The General thanks the X-men, and Professor X congratulates them via a giant telepathic head in the sky.    

Bobby Drake, Iceman, is revealed to be 16 years old.

Iceman makes Ice Grenades, Igloo Shield, Ice Shield & a Frozen Breath Shield

Professor X claims that he lost the use of his legs from a childhood accident.

Angel makes a derogatory remark about not being a homo-sapiens. 

The word Mutant is used 9 times
Homo-Sapiens is used 2 times
Homo-Superior is used 3 times

Magneto’s plot is to make a mockery of Homo-Sapiens by causing them to fail at their greatest achievement, and then take over one of their military bases.