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Fantastic Four #2

October 21, 2006

Fantastic Four #2
Fantastic Four #2

Writer: Stan Lee
Penciller: Jack Kirby
Inker: Unknown
Letterer: Unknown
Colorist: Unknown
Editor: Unknown
Cover Art: Jack Kirby
Earth: 616
Super Villain: The Skrulls


The Thing swims to an offf-shore oil tower and promptly destroys it!
Sue Storm steals a valuable gem!
Johnny Storm melts a priceless marble statue!
Reed Richards reaches his arm into a powerplant and shuts off the power to an entire city!

All crimes are revealed to be the work of the shapeshifting alien race known as The Skrulls! Their master plan: to trick the human race into destroying the Fantastic Four, paving the way for a Skrull invasion via their mothership orbiting Earth’s atmosphere.

Meanwhile, the real Fantastic Four are hiding out in an isolated hunting lodge, when they are captured by the military. Once secured in a federal prison, each of the Four escape via their unique powers.

The Four regroup in one of their “many secret apartment hdeouts”. They hatch a plan whereby Johnny will infiltrate the Skrulls from within. Johnny “attacks” a publicized rocket test, and is mistaken by the Skrulls as one of their own. By the time the Skrulls realize their mistake, the remaining Fantastic Four attack and capture the Skrulls.

The Four rocket to the orbiting Skrull mothership via the Skrull’s secret rocket (hidden as a water tower). They advise the Skrull leader that an invasion of Earth is impossible. Reed shows the Skrull pictures of Earths warriors, which are actually clips of artwork from the comic books “Strange Tales” and “Journey into Mystery”. Reed also warns of Earth’s thousands of space mines, and Army of Giant Insects!

Reed advises they must stay behind to remove all evidence of their presence on Earth. They are awarded a Skrull medal for their “sacrifice”, and return to Earth.

On the way home, The Thing returns to the form of Ben Grimm, but reverts to Thing form upon return to Earth.

The FF convince the military that they were framed by Skrull impostors, clearing their name.

The final scene reveals that Reed has hypnotized the Skrulls into believing they are cows, leaving them to live out their lives grazing in a pasture.

Recorder Notes:

1) Reed Richards escapes federal prison by squeezing his entire body out of a hole caused by a loose rivet!

2) This issue marks the first occurance of Ben Grimm reverting to his human form. There will be more.

3) The Thing says “Bah” once in this issue.