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X-Men #4, March 1964

October 23, 2006

X-Men #4

X-Men #4, March 1964

Title: The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants!
Writer: Stan Lee
Penciler: Jack Kirby
Inker:Paul Reinman
Letterer:Art Simek
Colorist: Unknown
Editor: Unknown
Cover Artist:Jack Kirby & George Roussos
1st Appearances: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Scarlet Witch (Wanda), Quicksilver(Pietro), Mastermind & Toad
Villains: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
Guest Stars: None

Synopsis:The Beast is being put through his most difficult training yet.  He manages to survive the Danger Room for 62 seconds before failing.  Iceman is the second to be tested, creating an ice slide to travel around the Danger Room, before a device shatters his slide, sending him down towards a red hot cauldron. Iceman evades this obstacle by creating a pole out of ice to vault over the cauldron and land safely on thge ground, only to have the Beast hurl a 75 lb. weight at him.  Iceman, reacting quickly, creates an ice chute to redirect the weight back at the Beast, when a jet of hot steam melts his protective ice covering, and ends his test. 

Professor X instructs Marvel girl to open a box, using her Telekinetic powers, and remove the contents, a birthday cake. The Professor explains that it has been a year since he bagan teaching this class. 

Meanwhile, a group of mutants, sitting elsewhere bicker over a dinner table.  These mutants are Pietro; Quicksilver, his sister Wanda; the Scarlet Witch, Mastermind and Toad.  Mastermind uses his illusion powers to make Toad appear like a pig.  Scarlet Witch uses her hex powers to cause a decanter to spill on Mastermind, then Quicksilver uses his super speed to rush by her side, before Mastermind can get his revenge.  The whole group speaks of their leader, who is absent.  They question his whereabouts. 

Meanwhile, two men dressed in suits discuss an auction of a Battleship that is coming up.  Magneto enters the room and informs the men that they no longer need accept any more bids, the battleship is his.  Magneto traps the men inside the room with magnetism, then he commandeers the battleship, single-handedly, by using his powers.  Angel, flying high over head, sees the suspicious looking battleship, but thinking nothing of it flies on to the School.

Magneto arrives, with the battleship, on a small uncharted island in the Atlantic.  Magneto reprimands the group for quarreling. and Scarlet Witch reveals that Magneto had saved her from angry villiagers, in her small European hometown.  She has pledged her life to him. 

Days later, Professor X is reading the newspaper and discovers that a Battleship, similar to the one Angel saw has shelled a small South American nation, called Santo Marco.  He calls a Red Alert for the X-Men to meet him in his study.  When they arrive, Professor X is in a trance, conversing with Magneto on a Mental Plane.  They argue about their differences in Philosophy.  When Professor X awakes he explains the situation to the X-Men.

In Santo Marco, Magneto, with the help of Mastermind’s Illusions has tricked the citizens that a vast army has taken over their nation. The X-Men infiltrate Santo Marco, now totally under Magneto’s Rule.  Professor X devises a plan to infiltrate the Castle that houses the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.  The Beast climbs up the side of the castle, and takes out two guards before being defeated by Toad.  Angel dodges bullets, and knocks out Quicksilver, before Scarlet Witch uses her Hex power to trap him under a pile of debris. 

With Angel Tied up, Cyclops attacks Magneto before he is subdued by Quicksilver.  Cyclops’ Optic Blast continues to radiate, knocking an Electromagnetic device off it’s moorings and sending it crashing through the castle floors.  Cyclops shoots the device as it falls, sending it through the walls, but knocking him out in the process.  The device is now careening towards Iceman, who creates an ice slide to get out of the way, then climbs up the side of the tower using ice spikes.  Once inside the tower Iceman unties Angel and revives Cyclops.   

The recently reuinited X-Men charge towrds the control tower where the Brotherhood awaits. Midevil weapons fly through the air at the X-Men, who easliy dodge them. Next a river of flaming oil rushes down the hall at the team of heroes.  Professor X discovers it’s all an illusion, creted by matermind, and the X-Men resume their charge.

Meanwhile, Magneto explains that he has set up two bombs, one to explode when anyone opens the door to the control room, and a nuclear bob to destroy the whole island.  Quicksilver questions the Nuclear bomb, saying that so many innocents will die, but Magneto brushes him off, explaining that they are merely humans and their deaths mean nothing. 

Beast sets off the bomb on the door, but Cyclops charges through.  Magneto starts the timer on the nuclear bomb, and jumps into an escape hatch.    Quicksilver uses the seconds before the escape pod launches to deactivate the Nuclear Bomb, and jump into the escape pod, and make his getaway with the rest of the Evil Mutants. 

Although the Evil Mutants have escaped, Santo Marco is saved…although it appears that Professor X has lost his telepathic powers. 


Iceman creates an Ice Pole, an Ice Chute, an Ice Slide, Ice Climbing Spikes & an Ice shield.

The Newspaper Professor X reads is the Daily Record-Bulletin 

Iceman is seen enjoying an Ice Cream Sundae before he is called to the Red Alert in Professor X’s Study.

Magneto’s army dresses like Nazis and WWII German soldiers. 

The word Mutant is used 19 times
Homo Sapiens is used 5 times
Homo Superior is used 3 times 


X-Men #3, January 1964

October 23, 2006

X-Men #3

X-Men #3, January 1964

Title: Beware of the Blob!
Writer: Stan Lee
Penciler: Jack Kirby
Inker:Paul Reinman
Letterer:Art Simek
Colorist: Unknown
Editor: Unknown
Cover Art: Jack Kirby & Sol Brodsky
Earth: 616
1st Appearances: Blob
Villian: Blob
Guest Stars: None

Synopsis:Despite the fact that his powers have increased by a great deal, Cyclops is depressed about the danger his optic beams pose to anyone who gets close to him.  Angel, Beast and Iceman fight as Professor X tests Marvel Girl’s abilities.  Professor X cuts the training short when he senses the presence of a new mutant.  The X-Men rush to change into their civilian clothes, so they can find this new mutant.

Despite the fact that Jean chooses to go with Cyclops to search, Angel whisks her away, and drives off with her in his car, leaving Cyclops, Beast and Iceman to search alone.  All of the X-Men are lead astray, by mistaking mundane human tasks as being extra powers.  Cyclops is the first to discover the new mutant, the blob, working as a sideshow attraction in a carnival. 

After the Blob’s performance, Cyclops invites him to join him at the mansion.  Angel and Marvel Girl show up, and also ask the Blob to accompany them to the mansion.  The Blob agrees to go with Jean, and he puts his hands on her.  This enrages Cyclops, who shoots an optic blast at the Blob, knocking him into a lit wood burning stove.  The Blob shows that he is not hurt, and agrees to go to the mansion to see what this is all about.

At the School, Professor X tests the Blob’s abilities and discovers that he is in-fact a Mutant.  The Blob refuses membership in the X-Men, and Professor X informs that the Blob must not escape.  He tells the students to capture the Blob and take him to the Lab to have his memory erased.  The Blob escapes the Mansion and takes over the Carnival where he works.  He begins to raise an army of Sideshow freaks and Circus Animals with the goal of destroying the X-Men. Angel, spying from the sky, reports back to the Professor, who is busy finishing a device that will wipe the memories of large groups of people at once. 

As the Professor continues to work on his device, the Blob’s army of Sideshow Freaks and Circus Animals arrives and begins to assault the Mansion.  Though the X-Men fight valiantly, they are overcome and captured by the Carnival army.  No longer hindered by the X-Men the Army make their way to Professor X’s lab.  The X-Men escape by way of Jean Grey commandeering a dagger from a circus wagon.  She cuts the X-Men free with her Telekinesis, who then in turn delay the Carnival army long enough for the Professor to use his Mind erasing ray to wipe the memory of the X-Men and the Mansion from the Blob and all of his Army’s mind. 

The Blob is back in the Sideshow, and the Professor worries that the Blob will someday remember he is a Mutant.


Cyclops first name is revealed to be Scott.

Cyclops and Professor X both confess their love, in private thought, for Jean Grey. 

Angel calls Iceman a J.D. for Juvenile Delinquent.

Beast calls Angel W.W.

Iceman make an Ice Fist and an Ice Torpedo

The Carnival Army consists of a Giraffe, a Gorilla, an Elephant, Tight Rope Walkers, a Human Pyramid, Human n and men with guns.

The mundane human activities the X-Men mistake for extra powers are:
A man burning a piece of paper with a magnifying glass
a Man standing on a piece of glass, thought to be flying
A carnival worker shooting targets without looking, revealed to be a scam.

The Blob’s Power is revealed to be impervious to pain, and immovability.  Once the Blob stands in a place, his molecules bond with the ground below him, and he cannot be moved.  Despite this fact, at the Carnival, one Optic Blast from Cyclops knocks the Blob into a Wood Burning Stove. 

Iceman is now interested in Girls.

Iceman is seen enjoying an Ice Cream Sundae when the Carnival Army attacks. 

The word Mutant is used 13 times
Homo Sapiens is used 1 time
Homo Superior is used 2 times

X-Men #2, November 1963

October 22, 2006

X-Men #2

X-Men #2, November 1963

Title: No One Can Stop the Vanisher!
Writer: Stan Lee
Penciler: Jack Kirby
Inker:Paul Reinman
Letterer:Sam Rosen
Colorist:Christie Scheele
Editor: Unknown
Cover Artist:Jack Kirby & Paul Reinman
Earth: 616
1st Appearances:Danger Room, Vanisher
Guest Stars: None

Synopsis:The X-Men, who are in the city, are late for a summons by Professor X, in Westchester.  They have to find a way home

Beast climbs up the side of a building and jumps on the roof of a passing train.  Angel is being waylaid by attractive young female fans.  Marvel Girl picks up all of the women, using her powers, and deposits them on the top of a cinema marquis.  After the women are disposed of, Angel gives Marvel girl a ride home. 

Cyclops and Iceman stop to rescue a group of construction workers from a collapsing wall. After the heroic act is complete, both X-Men hitch a ride in an Ice Cream Truck. 

Once everyone is assembled at the mansion, Professor X uses his mental powers to project movie-like images on a screen. The X-Men watch as a villain named the Vanisher robs a bank, then disappears before Police can take him into custody. 

Iceman starts bragging and shooting machine gun ice pellets around the room. Marvel Girl redirects the ice pellets back at Iceman, who deflects them with an Ice Shield.  Professor X informs his students that brute force will not defeat the Vanisher, and directs them into the Danger Room, where they will undergo some last minute training.  Angel and Beast both pass their tests.

Meanwhile, the Vanisher appears in the Pentagon and informs two Generals that he intends to steal the Continental Defense Plans within a few days, despite the fact that the plans sit on the table in front of him, he vanishes without them.  Criminals from all over the country are flocking to join the Vanisher’s gang, he insults them all for being Homo Sapiens and then accepts them into his service. 

Back at the Danger Room, Cyclops and Marvel Girl are passing their test, while Professor X contacts his FBI friend, Special Agent Fred Duncan, via a special helmet that allows the FBI man to read the Professor’s thoughts.  Professor X brings the training to an end, and informs the X-Men that they will be traveling to Washington D.C. to confront the Vanisher.  The X-men are transported to the Nations capital via a McDonnal XV-1 Convertiplane, on loan from the Bureau of Special Affairs. 

In D.C. the Vanisher easily steals the plans from 4 G-Men guards.  The Vanisher appears on the front steps of the Pentagon, where he is confronted by the X-Men, easily defeats them and escapes with the plans.  The news is all over the X-Men, attacking their poor showing against the Vanisher.  the Professor informs the X-Men that he will accompany them in their next showdown with the Vanisher. 

The Vanisher is demanding 10 millions dollars for thr return of the defense plans, or he will turn them over to the communists.  The X-Men confront him and his army of criminals on the lawn of the White House.  Professor X makes the Vanisher forget who he is and the X-Men easily dispatch his henchmen. Professor X brags on his brain power. 


Marvel Girl’s power is wrongly credited as Teleportation instead of Telekinesis twice, by Angel and herself. 

Iceman makes Machine Gun Ice Pellets, an Ice Shield, an Ice Cage, Ice Fist, Quick Drying Liquid Ice, Ice Grapple Hook and an Ice Horse.

Iceman steals 3 Chocolate Chip Popsicles from the Ice Cream Truck.  

The name of the Movie, on the sign, that Marvel Girl deposits the girls on is A Teen-ager’s Tears.

One of the General’s name is, General Hendershoot.

Angel calls the Professor, Dr. X.

Angel calls Marvel Girl, Jeanie 

The word Mutant is used 7 times
Homo Sapiens is used 3 times
Homo Superior is used 3 times.

X-Men #1, September 1963

October 21, 2006

X-Men #1
X-Men #1, September 1963  

Title: X-Men
Writer: Stan Lee
Penciler: Jack Kirby
Inker: Paul Reinman
Letterer: S. Rosen
Colorist: Christie Scheele
Editor: Unknown
Cover Art: Jack Kirby & Sol Brodsky
Earth: 616
1st Appearances: X-Men, Professor Charles Xavier (Professor X), Slim Summers (Cyclops), Warren Worthington III (Angel), Hank McCoy (The Beast), Bobby Drake (Iceman), Jean Grey (Marvel Girl) & Magneto
Super Villian: Magneto
Guest Stars: None


A bald man, introduced as Professor Xavier, is sitting alone in the study of a Westchester County Private School. He sends out a telepathic command calling his “X-Men” to join him for class.

The Students are introduced as Cyclops, Angel, Beast and Iceman. Cyclops, Beast and Angel wear yellow and blue uniforms with a large “X” belt buckle. Cyclops wears a visor, Angel has white bird wings while Beast is barefooted and is obviously covered in allot of hair. Iceman appears as a snow-covered humanoid wearing only yellow and blue boots.

Cyclops and Angel busy themselves with Professor Xavier’s comfort, Cyclops adjusting his chair and Angel shifting the blanket which covers his legs. Meanwhile Beast and Iceman rough house in the corner. Iceman freezes Beast’s arm and Angel breaks it up before it turns into a fight. Professor X praises Angel for bringing the class to order.

Professor X informs the class that they are doing well, by learning to receive his telepathic communications. He also claims that if the get any better he will have no need to speak aloud to them at all. Next the professor begins to put the class through their paces.

The Beast, whose training exercises consist of mainly flipping through hoops as quickly as possible and balancing by a finger on a thin rod, passes without incident.

Angel is second, with tests that comprise of flying around or through a variety of traps including flame jets, spanner wheels and crushing blocks. A fourth test, a concussive sound blast meant to knock angel to the ground, is passed when angel, at the last minute manages to regain his flight before he hits the ground.

Professor Xavier informs Iceman that he is too young to undergo training at this time, so he can engage in 5 minutes of free play, doing what he wishes. This bothers Iceman, who doesn’t like to be treated as a kid, so he decides to have a little fun with it. Using a Carrot, some buttons, a broom, a hat and what looks like a Lemon rind, he transforms himself into a snowman. Professor Xavier, with his telepathic abilities, reads Iceman’s mind to discover the prank before it is pulled. Beast receives a telepathic message from the Professor, to hurl a bowling ball, at Iceman, when he turns around in his snowman disguise.

Iceman proves to have quicker reflexes than anticipated, and he forms an ice chute to redirect the bowling ball back at Beast, who handily catches the ball inches away from Professor Xavier’s head. Cyclops reprimands Beast and Iceman for endangering the Professor’s life.

Finally, Professor X gives Cyclops his test through secret telepathic communication.  Cyclops is to treat Beast and Iceman as if they are his enemies and attack them without causing serious injury. Unprovoked, Cyclops singles out Beast, because he’s older, and unleashes an optic blast powerful enough to hurl Beast into a wall, leaving a large dent. Beast objects to the level of power that Cyclops used against him, however, Cyclops defends his choice by claiming that he wanted to show the professor what he was capable of. 

Iceman, anticipating that he might be next, constructs a large Ice Cube shield. Cyclops easily breaks through the ice walls and knocks Iceman down with his optic blast.  Professor sends a telepathic message to Beast and Angel to aid Iceman in trying to subdue Cyclops.  All three students pile on Cyclops, when Professor X puts an end to the training. Professor X informs the class that a taxi is approaching with a young girl inside.

Cyclops, Iceman & Beast rush to the window, claiming to see a beautiful redhead exiting a taxi. Iceman seems uninterested in the arrival of a girl.  All of the boys rush off to change into their civilian clothes.

The girl enters the study and asks what kind of school this is.  Professor X explains that this is a school for Mutants, people with Extra Powers. He goes on to explain that he named his students X-Men because of the Ex-tra Powers.  At this point in the conversation, the X-men enter the room in their civilian clothes; they are introduced to the girl, named Jean Grey, who will be called Marvel Girl. 

Beast questions Marvel Girl about her powers.  She demonstrates by using telekinesis to pull a chair out of Slim’s hands as well as leaf through a book and place it on the shelf.  Professor X thanks Jean for her demonstration.  He then explains that he is probably one of the first mutants, and credits his being born a mutant with the fact that his parents worked on the A-Bomb. 

Hank attempts to kiss Jean on the cheek, so she hurls him towards the ceiling and spins him around with her telekinesis. Jean throws Hank down on a couch when she is done spinning him around the ceiling.  She apologizes to the Professor for being so rough.  The professor brushes the apology off, saying that they have to be tough to defend mankind from the Evil Mutants, which he only assumes will exist at some point.   

Meanwhile, a man dressed in red, and revealed to be Magneto, is planning to make a mockery of NASA by causing one of their un-manned rockets to fail during launch.  Just after the rocket begins its flight, Magneto causes it to safely crash into the ocean.  The Military officials watching on conclude that the only way the rocket could have crashed is because someone tampered with it, despite the tight security. 

The next day the newspaper reveals that that was the sixth rocket which crashed in a similar way.  As some soldiers guard the launch site, their guns begin moving and firing on their own.  A tank begins to move on it’s own as well.  Suddenly, a message made up of dust particles, appears in the air.  It reads: “Surrender the base or I’ll take it by force! Magneto”.

The military question who this “Magneto” is, and debate if this is a prank or not.  The General decides that it is definitely not a prank. 

Magneto causes another rocket to launch and fall into the water, the he walks into the military base, easily pushing soldiers aside, and encasing them in invisible magnetic fences.

Back at the school, Jean Grey is trying on her yellow and blue uniform, claiming that Christian Dior couldn’t have done better.  The boys watch her from around the corner.  As soon as Jean finds out she is being spied on, the professor calls the class to his study. 

Once in the study, the professor informs the X-men that the first Evil Mutant has appeared, and he is attacking Cape Citadel. The professor drives the X-Men to the airport in his specially built Rolls Royce with dark tinted windows.  From the airport, the X-Men board the Professor’s Remote-Controlled Private Jet, bound for Cape Citadel.

At Cape Citadel, the Army isn’t doing so well against the power of Magneto.  Cyclops approaches the General and offers his help. After explaining who and what the X-Men are, they spring into action.  Cyclops begins firing an optic blast against Magneto’s Magnetic Shield. 

Magneto is knocked off balance, which he explains as happening because he wasn’t anticipating anyone with powers to come after him.  He launches 5 of the most technologically advanced rockets at the x-men, using the launch buttons, not his powers. 

Angel dodges the rockets, Iceman freezes them with Ice Grenades, and Beast catches one with his feet. Marvel Girl redirects them into the ocean.  

Angel charges Magneto, who encases him in a magnetic barrier of girders and debris.  Cyclops destroys the barrier as Magneto pushes a burning tanker of Rocket Fuel at the X-Men. Iceman creates an Igloo Shield to in an attempt to save the team.  Magneto witnesses the explosion, assuming it finished off the X-Men for good. 

As Magneto gloats, the X-Men attack him full force, but it is no use.  Magneto escapes.  The General thanks the X-men, and Professor X congratulates them via a giant telepathic head in the sky.    

Bobby Drake, Iceman, is revealed to be 16 years old.

Iceman makes Ice Grenades, Igloo Shield, Ice Shield & a Frozen Breath Shield

Professor X claims that he lost the use of his legs from a childhood accident.

Angel makes a derogatory remark about not being a homo-sapiens. 

The word Mutant is used 9 times
Homo-Sapiens is used 2 times
Homo-Superior is used 3 times

Magneto’s plot is to make a mockery of Homo-Sapiens by causing them to fail at their greatest achievement, and then take over one of their military bases. 

Fantastic Four #2

October 21, 2006

Fantastic Four #2
Fantastic Four #2

Writer: Stan Lee
Penciller: Jack Kirby
Inker: Unknown
Letterer: Unknown
Colorist: Unknown
Editor: Unknown
Cover Art: Jack Kirby
Earth: 616
Super Villain: The Skrulls


The Thing swims to an offf-shore oil tower and promptly destroys it!
Sue Storm steals a valuable gem!
Johnny Storm melts a priceless marble statue!
Reed Richards reaches his arm into a powerplant and shuts off the power to an entire city!

All crimes are revealed to be the work of the shapeshifting alien race known as The Skrulls! Their master plan: to trick the human race into destroying the Fantastic Four, paving the way for a Skrull invasion via their mothership orbiting Earth’s atmosphere.

Meanwhile, the real Fantastic Four are hiding out in an isolated hunting lodge, when they are captured by the military. Once secured in a federal prison, each of the Four escape via their unique powers.

The Four regroup in one of their “many secret apartment hdeouts”. They hatch a plan whereby Johnny will infiltrate the Skrulls from within. Johnny “attacks” a publicized rocket test, and is mistaken by the Skrulls as one of their own. By the time the Skrulls realize their mistake, the remaining Fantastic Four attack and capture the Skrulls.

The Four rocket to the orbiting Skrull mothership via the Skrull’s secret rocket (hidden as a water tower). They advise the Skrull leader that an invasion of Earth is impossible. Reed shows the Skrull pictures of Earths warriors, which are actually clips of artwork from the comic books “Strange Tales” and “Journey into Mystery”. Reed also warns of Earth’s thousands of space mines, and Army of Giant Insects!

Reed advises they must stay behind to remove all evidence of their presence on Earth. They are awarded a Skrull medal for their “sacrifice”, and return to Earth.

On the way home, The Thing returns to the form of Ben Grimm, but reverts to Thing form upon return to Earth.

The FF convince the military that they were framed by Skrull impostors, clearing their name.

The final scene reveals that Reed has hypnotized the Skrulls into believing they are cows, leaving them to live out their lives grazing in a pasture.

Recorder Notes:

1) Reed Richards escapes federal prison by squeezing his entire body out of a hole caused by a loose rivet!

2) This issue marks the first occurance of Ben Grimm reverting to his human form. There will be more.

3) The Thing says “Bah” once in this issue.

Fantastic Four #1

October 21, 2006

The Fantastic Four #1

Fantastic Four #1
Writer: Stan Lee
Penciller: Jack Kirby
Inker: Dick Ayers (unconfirmed)
Letterer: Unknown
Colorist: Unknown
Editor: Unknown
Cover Art: Jack Kirby
Earth: 616
Super Villain: The Mole Man

Dr Reed Richards fires a flare into the sky, which forms the words “The Fantastic Four!”. For the first time ever, the Four are summoned. Sue Storm is called away from tea with a society friend, Johnny Storm (Sue’s brother) while fixing a car, Ben Grimm while shopping for clothes.

Sue turns invisible, and makes her way to the meeting point.

On his way to the meeting point, Ben is shot at by the police, escapes through the sewers, and erupts into the street again, smashin a car along the way.

Johnny is attacked by National Guard fighter jets, and is almost hit by a missle when Reed grabs it from the sky, and plunges it into the sea. Reed then catches a falling Johnny Storm.

Upon gathering at the meeting place, we learn the amazing story of the Fantastic Four.

Reed Richards spent years constructing a space ship, which he now wants to launch into space immediately. In an argument with Ben Grimm over his refusal to pilot the ship, we learn that the purpose for this hurried space flight is to beat “the commies”. Upon being called a coward by Sue, Ben decides to pilot the ship despite his concerns over their readiness to fly into space.

Citing “no time for offficial clearance”, the four sneak onto the ship and blast into space. Sue accompanies Reed due to her engagement to the Doctor, and Johhny because he goes where his sister goes.

As Ben predicted, the four are bombarded by cosmis rays. The ship’s autopilot gets them back to Earth. As the four emerge from the ship, their powers emerge, completing the flashback.

Reed explains why he’s summoned the four, showing them pictures of giant holes in the ground where Atomic Plants used to be in Russia, Australia, and South America. The scene shifts to France, where we see firsthand, a giant monster pulling their Atomic Plant underground, and destroying their artillary before being summoned back underground by a mysterious figure.

Reed pinpoints the spot directly between all of the Atomic Plants, and reveals it to be the legendary “Monster Isle”. The Four rocket to the isle and are promptly attacked by a “three-headed nightmare”, which Reed quickly disposes of by fashioning a lasso out of his arm and plunging the monster into the ocean.

A sudden cave-in sends Reed and Johnny falling into the darkness below. Reed turns himselfr into a parachute and they float safely to the bottom. They are blinded into unconciousness, and awake wearing “strange, adhesive-type suits” to protect them from being blinded again by the “Valley of Diamonds!!” They then meet their host, the Mole Man.

Back on the surface, the Thing saves Sue from an attacking monster.

Reed and Johnny hear the Mole Man’s tragic tale. After having been rejected by society due to his ugliness, the man who would become the Mole Man sets of in search of the legendary land at the center of the earth” where he could rule as king.
He eventually finds the place, and becomes mostly blind in the process. Yet, he gains mole-like senses in the dark and masters the monsters living below the earth.

The Mole Man reveals his plans to destroy the surface world, when Ben and Sue arrive. Mole Man summons the largest and deadliest of all his creatures. The Fantastic Four escape the island by plane, in time to watch the Mole Man destroy the entire island.

Recorder Comments:

Reed Richards:
1) Grabs a missle, and drops it in the ocean while standing on top of a building.
2) Lassos a flying 3-headed monster and throws it into the ocean.
3) Turns into a parachute.

Sue Storm:
1) Turns invisible

Johnny Storm:
1) Melts the car he was working on when summoned to duty.
2) Flies a lot.

Ben Grimm:
1) Picks up a monster and throws him in the ocean.
2) says “Bah” 4 times.


October 18, 2006

Uatu, the Watcher It begins!